Combining high-quality cycle wear with hand-designed artwork

At Duke Of The Downs, we collaborate with talented British artists to produce hand-designed, limited-edition collections of unique cycling jerseys. Our aim is to provide cyclists with a choice of gutsy designs on comfortable, high-performance jerseys.

As cyclists ourselves, we agreed that amongst the masses of cycling jerseys available, there wasn’t much variety in style. Don’t get us wrong, we love the vintage classics, and think that some of the current team shirts are awesome - but we were looking for something a little different. Something more personal. So, we decided to make some ourselves.

We are so excited to have Chris Gordon onboard, the man who drew the designs for the first collection.

The incredibly talented Mr Gordon honed his skills at Falmouth University before going on to specialise in printmaking. Working with lino and wood cuts, he is able to carve some of the most incredible images. The results are beautiful.

His style of art is exactly what we were looking for when we pictured how we wanted this collection of jerseys to look. You can check out more of his work at                                                                            


Our race fit collection celebrates tattoo culture. Artist Jack Loudon works as a tattoo artist specialising in dot-work and fine lines. After looking through his portfolio, we couldn't wait to get the next range of jerseys up and running.

His attention to detail and love of geometric shapes and dot-work form the base for an amazing collection of designs. This collection finds a balance between traditional tattoo art and more modern styling to create a truly unique set of back-prints. We are really excited to bring tattoo styling to the world of cycling in this awesome collection.